Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nah Jie Yi, Kevin Teng - Green Dip Pizza

Baking - Green Pizza

Singaporean Style~
Green Pizza + Chicken Curry = Green Dip Pizza


Whole-wheat pizza dough 
Chopped Broccoli

Ground pepper 
Mozzarella cheese

There are a lot of greens used in this dish - broccoli and arugula. This also means that the dish is filled with a lot of healthy fibre from vegetables. The arugula allows a bitter taste to the dish—for a milder flavor, use spinach instead. This dish can also be served with wedges of fresh tomato tossed with vinegar, olive oil, basil and freshly ground pepper, and is still healthy to eat. Cheese is also included in the ingredients, giving the dish more protein. The whole-wheat dough contains carbohydrates, balancing out the meal to make it healthier.
The chicken curry adds on a delicious Singaporean taste to this foreign dish. Chicken also provides the meal with extra protein for it to be healthy and delicious at the same time!

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  1. H Jie Yi & Kevin,

    Thank you for introducing this dish! Looks like a authentic Singaporean signature dish! Perhaps the tourist attractions... Gardens by the Bay, may look into serving this creation...!

    Just to add: check out Junior Master Chef on youtube. Fascinating how talented the young chefs are...!

    Keep up the good work!