Monday, 13 August 2012

Term 3, Week 8: Volleyball Peer Teaching

Hello All,

By now, you should have watched at least a Men's / Women's volleyball Olympic match.

To recap, the techniques learnt are: Dig, Volley, Spike / Tip.

Remaining Houses are each to peer teach passing drills which combine at least 2 of the techniques learnt.

House: Red

Name of Drill: Net Passing Drill
Techniques Used: Dig / Volley
Drill Explanation / Sequence: <clear instructions of how the drill is carried out>
Equipment used: 6 Badminton posts, 3 badminton nets, 12 cone markers, etc... (be as specific as possible)

Extra requirement:
Each group must print out (at least 5 sets of A4-sized diagram).
Demonstration of drill

Extra credit:
Each group printing out A3-sized diagram (for clearer instruction).
Interesting drills which clearly use the techniques learnt.

Useful Resources

All groups are to post up their Peer Teaching lesson plans onto the class's S&W Blog.

All teams are to have their team name and select a Captain and V. Captain.

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