Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Netball Positions

You can view the netball player's position here.

Netball's Basic Rules
Centre passes are taken alternately by the Centre of each team, after each goal is scored and at the start of each quarter. Each team endeavours to pass the ball down to their goal circle and score goals. The team with the most goals at the end of the playing time wins the game.

Before the whistle all players must start in the goal thirds except the two Centres. The Centre with the ball must be wholly within the Centre Circle and must obey the footwork rule after the whistle has been blown. The opposing Centre stands anywhere within the Centre Third and is free to move.
After the whistle the Centre pass must be caught or touched by a player standing in or landing wholly within the Centre third.

Only GS or GA can score – they must be completely within the goal circle when the ball is received in order to shoot for goal. A goal is scored when the ball passes over and completely through the goal ring.

A game consists of 4 x 15 minute quarters with an interval of 3 minutes between the first and second and third and fourth quarters and a 5 minute half time interval. Up to 2 minutes of time is allowed for each injury.

Two umpires have control of the game and their decisions are final. When rules of the game are broken the penalties awarded by the umpires are free pass, penalty pass (or penalty pass or shot), throw in, toss up.

Breaking the following rules will result in a FREE PASS being awarded to the opposing team. When a FREE PASS is awarded to a team it may be taken by any player from that team allowed in that area, as soon as they are in position. (A player may not shoot from a free pass in the goal circle).

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